The Obligatory Procrastination Post

Procrastination is my biggest enemy. I swear I’ll fight it tomorrow.

Now that that joke is over with, I’ll get to the heart of it: My name is Devyn and I procrastinate. A lot. I’m even procrastinating as I write this. Really. Next on my list is to write my novel and I’ve skipped it and now I’m writing this instead.

So why do I keep skipping the writing the novel part? What’s really at play here? Let’s go deep into the recesses of my brain and figure it out.

It’s awful slimy in here.

So, for the past three days, I haven’t written anything on my novel, but I’ve written other things. Lots of things. So it can’t be that I don’t want to write.

I have a lot less on my to do list than I have for the past few weeks, so being too busy is not it either.

Do I want to write the novel? Yes. Is it too hard? Maybe. Ah, now we’re getting somewhere.

Why is it too hard? Because I don’t know where I’m going with this and my writing isn’t good enough for such a massive project.

Okay. There’s the problem. Let me just get out my brain fixing tools and we’ll be all set.

There are other massive projects I have completed. The most recent and biggest one is training for a marathon. How did I do that?

I started small. Ridiculously small. I also had a ton of support from a running club and from my family. I had a clear and direct plan that was much easier to stick to when I had those other things.

AHA! So those are the things I am missing from this particular project.  There’s no way I could run 26 miles straight off. Not even close. I needed a plan, a support group and I needed to start small.

So these are the steps I must take to get this project really flying. Now that’s fixed, I can get out of my brain. Ready? Go.

Hmm. I’m still there. Let me try again.

Guys, I’m stuck. Guys?


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